Brian Preetz , CEO
Barrel Dreams was created by Brian Preetz to help reuse and recycle the wine barrel. For years now Brian has contributed to the, "Green Movement," one barrel sale at a time. Brian has his B.S. from San Jose State University and currently enrolled in the SJSU MBA program. Brian is an avid surfer, snowboarder, mountain biker, dirt biker and dog enthusiast. 

New this Spring 2015 : Brian is offering small business advice, giving professional presentations on starting a business,  and business coaching. Inquire within... 

Cooper oversees all channels of the business and assists when not napping. It's not uncommon to see Cooper at local wine walks and flea markets putting out the vibe helping move the products. He just turned 6 and is the California State Champion for Frisbee Toss & Fetch. Yes he has two trophies in his office. Go Cooper!
Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Barrel Dreams has been in business for over ten years now. Ask us about the early days, it was wild! 

​We offer real wine barrels for sale, coopered and sourced from the finest vineyards of  France, Italy, Hungary and California. After transport, cleaning and prep, we offer these barrels for sale to the general public at discounted price. We ship LTL or Fed Ex Ground all over the world daily and will deliver if needed from one barrel to two hundred barrels at a time. 

For the Garden...

Radiate the garden with a real wine barrel planter today! Dream up a fountain, rain barrel, or replace the traditional broken plastic pot. Grow your own food, or even go wild and grow some thirty foot tall bamboo for a little privacy. Rent the wine barrels for weddings and parties and save some money.  Dream big, dream on, Barrel Dreams will transform your yard into something real dreamy.

For the home or retail business...

Home furniture, retail decor, unique focal points, bar tables, taiko drums, props for movies, theme park decor, and decoration for restaurants is only the beginning. When we ask our customers, "So what's the plan with the barrel?" Most of them happily reply, "I'm not sure yet, I just want one!" 

Barrel Dreams specializes in the resale of fine quality wine barrels at an affordable price. Call us right now, and have a barrel in minutes!

Barrel Dreams Customer Care:
1 (408) 505 4101
Daily 7:00AM to 11:00PM PST
Or send inquiries to:

Barrel Dreams
1249 Dell Ave - UNIT B
Campbell, CA 95008
No... the barrels do not come filled with wine.
Brian Preetz-CEO 

Contact Us
Cooper, Co Founder 
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Move to a new location! - June 9th, 2017
*1249 Dell Avenue, Unit B Campbell, CA 95008*

Barrel Dreams - Cupertino & Campbell Patch Article - Feb 20, 2012


Snoop Dog uses Barrel Dreams Wine Barrels in his new music video.
​-Hollywood, CA Spring 2012

Alberto Mazzetti, "The Barrel Intern"

We picked Alberto from over 50 students at the San Jose State 2012 E Lab Program. In the program, students get real world experience about big business and what it takes to thrive. It's not uncommon to see Alberto helping unload the trucks or innovating the marketing mix. Alberto served as Sergeant in the 4-320th FA 4th Brigade -101st Airborne prior to Barrel Dreams. Alberto invented the "Barrel Dreams, UV Premium Planter," to be released April 1st 2012. Details to come...
Omar Francisco,  Assistant Barrel Cutter

Mr. Francisco oversees the yard at the Campbell CA, HQ. It's not uncommon to see Omar with circular saw in hand making sure your planter tops are straight. Omar can cut a wine barrel in half in less then 20 seconds flat! A Barrel Dreams company record! Omar is a huge asset to the team and takes lot's of pride and passion in his work. 

Sean Ross, Lead Architect 

Sean joined Barrel Dreams in the Summer of 2017 with one mission. "Get the people what they want." This is the attitude Sean brings to the team. You should see this man with the jig saw! Better yet you should see him make a 2017 Barrel Dreams Wine Barrel Dog Bed, it's so dreamy!
-Social Media Marketing Intern

Barrel Dreams is hiring for a Social Media Marketing Intern to help with, "Everything Marketing." Marketing is important to promote sales and the community deserves to hear our message. Contact us today if you think you have what it takes to market Barrel Dreams to the masses. Great for business students or young professionals. Excellent opportunity to gain real world experience is a fast growing marketplace.  Email us today, and start work this week!!!
Rodel Roberto, Lead Barrel Stacker

Rodel joined the team in June 2012 to help organize the yard at the Barrel Dreams HQ. The more workers we have, the faster orders are completed, the quicker customers get their barrels. Rodel is extremely important to the team, takes pride in his stacking, and enjoys hardcore motocross racing on the weekends.
Kristin Garnell
Director, Social Media Management

The community deserves to hear the Barrel Dream's message. Kristin joined to create an online presence, establish the Barrel Dreams web community, and help keep it dreamy here at the Barrel Dreams HQ in Cupertino, CA. For fun she likes to paint the town, play with her little white dog, snowboard, wake board, mountain bike and take names! Stay tuned for more Barrel Dreams up to date content, videos, and pictures from our newest member of the team. Go Social Media! Go Kristin Garnell!

Franco Mannucci
SJSU ELAB Intern 2013 

San Jose State University and Barrel Dreams partnered up this year to allow selected students to work and gain real world work experience. Over the next 10 weeks, Franco will be along side out team doing what it takes to deliver quality barrels to quality customers. Thank you SJSU and thank you Franco for this opportunity to host another future leader of America! For fun Franco likes to ride his motorcycle real fast, take artsy photos, and wear all purple clothes at once. ( Hat, shoes, shirt, pants. :o )
Sediq Nazari 
-SJSU ELAB Intern 2013

At Barrel Dreams, often times we drive eight hours or more to fetch fresh barrels. There is no time for sleep. Sediq is another intern from SJSU who was selected to help us grow the business. Recently we went on a road trip East to fetch a truck load of fresh barrels, we talked about the future of small business and what it takes to thrive. The long drive was worth it. Thanks Sediq for all your help!

George - Creative Lead Artist
George was invited onto the team as our Creative Lead Artist. He pretty much does everything here at Barrel Dreams. For fun he likes to surf and listen to live music. George cares about Barrel Dreams and it shows in his work, you should see him play the banjo!
You? Now Hiring! Position Available.
* Personal Assistant to CEO Brian Preetz.
- Call us for a detailed description.
 1 408 505 4101.  Start work this week, fun, easy! 
Tyler Leger

At the moment, Tyler is interning at Barrel Dreams for the summer. One fun fact about him is that he is from Europe! 

Sejla Garbo 

Sejla is a student at West Valley College and as 
of right now, she is getting the realistic experience from working at Barrel Dreams! One fun fact about her is that her favorite fruit is raspberry!

Don Carrera 

Don has been working at Barrel Dreams for a couple months and he is capable of working on multiple tasks at the same! One fun fact about him is that he likes to travel!