Brian Preetz , CEO
Barrel Dreams was created in 2006 by Brian Preetz to help reuse and recycle the wine barrel. Brian has his B.S. from San Jose State University. Brian is an avid surfer, snowboarder, mountain biker, dirt biker, dog enthusiast and family man. He loves his job and cares about the customer first! 

Cooper oversees all channels of the business and assists when not napping. It's not uncommon to see Cooper at local wine walks and flea markets putting out the vibe helping move the products. He just turned 10 and is the California State Champion for Frisbee Toss & Fetch. Yes he has two trophies in the office. Go Cooper!
Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Barrel Dreams has been in business for over thirteen years now. Ask us about the early days, it was wild! 

​We offer real wine barrels for sale, coopered and sourced from the finest vineyards of  France, Italy, Hungary and California. After transport, cleaning and prep, we offer these barrels for sale to the general public at discounted price. We ship LTL or Fed Ex Ground all over the world daily and will deliver if needed from one barrel to two hundred barrels at a time. 

For the Garden...

Radiate the garden with a real wine barrel planter today! Dream up a fountain, rain barrel, or replace the traditional broken plastic pot. Grow your own food, or even go wild and grow some thirty foot tall bamboo for a little privacy. Rent the wine barrels for weddings and parties and save some money.  Dream big, dream on, Barrel Dreams will transform your yard into something real dreamy.

For the home or retail business...

Home furniture, retail decor, unique focal points, bar tables, taiko drums, props for movies, theme park decor, and decoration for restaurants is only the beginning. When we ask our customers, "So what's the plan with the barrel?" Most of them happily reply, "I'm not sure yet, I just want one!" 

Barrel Dreams specializes in the resale of fine quality wine barrels at an affordable price. Call us right now, and have a barrel in minutes!

Barrel Dreams takes pride in our wide selection of quality wine barrels, planters and furniture. Barrels are imported form Europe and local California vineyards. Barrel Dreams Barrels are offered from trusted brands, cleaned and delivered asap. 

Select cities have discounted pricing with "Will Call" available. (Oakland, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Cupertino, Campbell, Santa Barbara, Manhattan Beach, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, Las Vegas, Gillbert -Arizona, Semi Valley-CA) 

Ask about wedding and party rentals today! We ship / deliver all over the world daily. *SELLERS NOTE:**All transactions are subject to a 5% Merchant Credit / Debt Service Fee and applicable sales tax.*

Barrel Dreams Customer Care:
1 (408) 505 - 4101 
Or send inquiries to:

Barrel Dreams
1249 Dell Ave - UNIT B
Campbell, CA 95008
"No... the barrels do not come filled with wine"
Brian Preetz-CEO 

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Cooper, Co Founder 
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Snoop Dog uses Barrel Dreams Wine Barrels in his new music video.
​-Hollywood, CA Spring 2012


 2021  Dream Team 

Cody, Creative Tech
Alyssa, Chief Creative and Merchandising Officer
Brian, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Trevor, Lead Engineer / Creative Tech
Josh, Deliveries