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Great wedding idea as the guestbook!!
Dreamy Long Cuts
- Creation by Sue Shalit
- Creation by Sue Shalit 
* We can add wheels to all planters. $20 extra.
​It's Potato Season!!!
4 Simple Steps To Grow 100lbs of Potatoes in a Barrel Dreams Planter. ( Article Submitted by Chris Rosiak )
Dreamy French Oak Barrel Tops with the Winery Stamps and barrel make.
California schools call Barrel Dreams! Planting programs are on the rise these days. Go green!
Ask about the French Oak Dark Walnut Stained Barrel.
$49 extra for the staining process.
The Dreamy Wine Cave.  
WINNER!!! Watsonville, CA local "KT" wins Barrel Dreams Customer of the Month with her American Oak Trash Can / Rain Barrel- October 2012
-Creation by "KT"

" I love this job! People I meet always have a vision, they have a special creativity unlike others. It's vibrant and we're happy to serve the community." Brian, CEO
We sell 5,10,15,20,25 and 30 Gallon also. New only. 
Call for quotes on tables and seats made from a local partner.
Barrel Dreams delivers even in the snow!

Dreamy Long Cut
Winner! Dreamy Customer of the Month.
 "C S P Nanda," April 2013, Sunnyvale CA.

Want to make this? C S P Nanda did! And he shared how to make it here...

Typical Dreamy Bar setup. Rent these barrels for $39 per / Dark Walnut Planks for $29 per.
Winner! Dreamer of the month! September 2013- Google Sales Summit Party- Mountain View, CA. Yes, I crashed this speak easy themed party! 
Reclaimed wood table made from fence boards. Stunning!  - We make these with a local partner.
Reclaimed wood bench set up! 
Typical wedding set up. 2 barrels and a plank.
Barrel Dreams barrels at the San Jose Opera. Great show indeed! 
Each of our 3/8"-thick glass table tops features an ogee edge—a brilliantly polished, rounded edge with a small decorative ledge—especially well-suited for formal dining or fine accent tables. 
Sizes, 24" 30"  36" 42"  48" wide. $99 to $199 per.
Weddings! Go love!
Dreamy Bar Tops up to 12 feet long / 3 feet wide.  
30 " round glass top with a Dreamy Dark Walnut Stained Barrel.
Stunning dress, stunning barrels! 
Rent / Buy the Dreamy Arbor & Bar Top. Call for current pricing.
Winner- October 2013! Created by Brent Cannatelli- Santa Clara, CA

-Barrel Dreams makes this reclaimed wood  creation with a local partner, call us for details on pricing and lead time. 
Rent these barrels and racks today!
Rent this complete set up.
Winner! Dreamer of the Month - Jan 2014. Dreamy Barrel Heads - Creation by Jason Bostjancic- Southern California.
Happy Dogs! - Creation by Jeff's girlfriend- San Jose CA.
Ask about how this look was done! 

​Dogs of Jay Leone - San Jose , CA in a Dreamy Dog Bed. Looks like they had a few!
Dreamy  Adirondack Chairs 
Dreamy Fire Pit. Call for details, lead time, pricing. 
Rent this set up! Dreamy "THICK "Oak Planks
Rent this set up! Stools and glass top barrel. 
For faster service call 1 408 505 4101 right now rather then email...
Rent this vintage wheel barrow for your party!
Wine tastes better in these chairs! 
William Sonoma- Stanford Mall- Palo Alto,CA
Lots of 4 " Double Barrel Racks for sale! 
Rent everything you see here. Tables, seats, fire heaters,chairs, barrels! This is a typical wedding set up.
Our office!
Cooper and Raglan here to serve your barrel needs!
We can pain the bands black or any color! 
Dreamy Adriondack Chairs @ $375 per.
We sold this Dreamy Water Cooler to a customer who had Elton Johns piano in his house. Cool!
As my 92 year old Grandma would say, " Good Lord!" At Barrel Dreams we support all customer creations no matter how interesting... :)
Dreamy Long Cut / Dreamy Custom Glass / Dreamy Rack.
Sometimes I get to taste the wine before they bottle. Most the times I don't :0
The Barrel Dreams Supply Cave! 
Dreamy Wine Barrel Train!
Dreamy Patio Set 
Rent or buy our Dreamy Art Barrels- cool look, cool colors, cool barrels!


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