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"Full Size" Wine Barrel
List $300 PER
Starting @ $80

22 inch top and bottom x 37 inches tall x 26 inches wide. 120 lbs.
"Planter Size" Wine Barrel
List $129.00 PER
Current Price @ $40 

Freight/ Delivery  Call for pricing 1 (408) 505 - 4101
Barrel Dreams takes pride in our wide selection of quality wine barrels, planters and furniture. Barrels are imported form Europe and local California vineyards. Barrel Dreams Barrels are offered from trusted brands, cleaned and delivered asap. Select cities have discounted pricing with "Will Call" available. (Oakland, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Cupertino, Campbell, Santa Barbara, Manhattan Beach, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, Las Vegas, Gillbert -Arizona, Semi Valley-CA) Ask about wedding and party rentals today! We ship / deliver all over the world daily. *SELLERS NOTE:**All transactions are subject to a 5% Merchant Credit / Debt Service Fee and applicable sales tax.*

22 inch base x 19 inches tall x 27 inches opening . 60 lbs.

Upgrades available! Call for pricing
*2" Drainage hole, sanded edges, attach castors/wheels on bottom, weatherproof stain, screw in the bands so they don't fall, add air vent spacers to lift the planter 1/2 inch off ground so the ring doesn't rot out over the lifespan.

Barrel Dreams offers a freight service to your home our business. We ship all over the world daily. Email us your zip code for freight quotes. We are actively driving around the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego area daily and can add your home or business to the route. 

 Sales or questions call us now! 
1 408 505 4101
​French Oak- Dreamy Barrel Dog Bed
List  $199.00 
Current  $119.00 PER ( 2 left in stock.)
Savings $120
22 inch base x 9 inches tall x 26 inches wide. 30lbs. Optional sanded finish & stain $29 extra. 
* Dog not included :)

Dreamy Barrel Tops 
List $109.00 PER 
Current  $79.00 PER 
Savings $49.00
22 inch head across x 4 inches tall.  
Screw in the bands so they don't ever fall= Add $19 
​Sanding and clear varnish applied = Add $19
Winery Branded Print on the barrel head = Add $15
Dreamy Barrel 3/4 CUT 
List ( $199.00 PER )
Current ($129.00) 
Savings $70
22 inch base x 27 inches tall x 24 inch opening.  
Drainage holes = $7. Bung plug for side hole = $10. Add Casters to roll around = $40
Weather Proof Clear Coat Varnished= $59
"​ I love my job because we started this business with one barrel. Then we sold 2, then 20, then 10,000 barrels. Now we're selling to Snoop Dog, Google, Ralph Lauren to name a few. Follow your dreams! Barrel Dreams!!!"

-Brian Preetz CEO
Dreamy Barrel " Long Cut "
List ( $299.00 PER )
Current ( $149 PER )
Savings $130
11 inch base x 37 inches tall x 26 inch opening.  
60 lbs. * These take hours to make. Durable and strong!
* Want this to sit on the wine barrel metal rack so it doesn't rock? Add $23
Dreamy Barrel Staves 
List ($59.00 PER stack)
Current ($39.00 PER stack)
Savings $20
37 inches tall x mixed width in stack (4,3,2,1 inch)  
10 PER stack.
* Want us to sand them down? =$25
* Stain or protective weather coat them? = $25
*Older reclaimed staves / weathered look = $29 
*Bulk pallet of 400 (mixed length and width) staves = $999
* Older Reclaimed mixed size staves for $29 per 10 stack.
Dreamy Barrel Hoops
List ($50 PER stack)
Current ($29 PER stack)
Savings $21
22 inch across or 25 across / 1 inch tall or 2 inch tall
4 PER stack.
Bulk Order = $299 for 100 hoops!
$550 for 200 or $799 for 300. We can ship on a pallet low cost all over the USA.
​Dreamy Barrel Trash Can
List ($269 PER)
Current $159
Savings $90
36 inches tall x 26 inches wide x 22 inch top with Barrel Dreams Stave Handle. Strong, secure!
* Rent this item = $50 per event. 
* Want it stained Golden Oak? Add $49
* Add Casters to move it around = $39
*Metal trash can liner = $49
Dreamy Barrel Oak BBQ Chips 
List ($14.99 PER CASE)
Current ( $9.99 PER CASE )
Savings ( $5.00 )
Total of 21 Oak Chips for BBQ's or smoking meat.
3 inches x 3 inches. Soak in water then put on top of your hot coals for extra flavor MMM! Put these on the BBQ tonight! French Oak has amazing flavor.

Dreamy Umbrella Barrel 
List ($299.00 PER )
Current ($159.00 PER)
Savings $140.00
36 inches tall x 28 inches wide x 22 tops. Very heavy so wind won't tip over. 
* Umbrella ( 7 feet wide)  $99 additional charge.
* Stained Dark Walnut or Golden Oak  = $50 additional charge.
* Rent this item with umbrella= $49

Dreamy Open Top Long Cut
List ($179.00 )
Current ( $169.00)
Savings $10.00
36 inches tall x 22 inch heads x 1/4 opening on top.
Screwed bands on middle rings for support.
Drainage Holes = Optional $5
Stained & Sanded edges = Optional $40
Dreamy Step Up Planter
List ($249.00 PER )
Current ($179.00 PER)
Savings $70
22 inch base x 22" tall at tallest point / steps down to a 12" tall planter x 24" wide. Add dark walnut stain; additional $40 per. Drain hole? Add $6
Dreamy Tri Stave; 1/3 Planter
Water Cooler
List ($139 PER )
Current ($149 PER)
Savings $40
30 inches tall x 24" wide x 24" long.
Planter = 15 inches tall x 22" base x 24" opening.
Drainage= Optional $5
Stained & Sanded = Optional $20
Rubber insert 9 inches deep to hold drinks = $10
Dreamy Lover's Seat
List ($799.00 PER )
Starting Current Price ($400.00 PER)  
Savings ( $399 ) 
About 5 feet wide x 4 feet tall x 20 inches deep. 
-All staves are sanded flush. We changed the base of this bench to a more secure construction with thicker legs and supports. Looks amazing! 
-Weather Proof Cover add $149
-Add weather proof varnish $89 additional.
-Lover to sit with not included, please find love yourself! 

Dreamy XXL Large Barrel 
List ($1499.00 PER )
Current ($500.00 PER)
Savings $1001.00
42 inches tall x 34" wide x 34" long.
We have 4 left. Very rare size. Limited edition.
Rent this $65 PER 
Dreamy Cuddle Bench 
List ($299.00 PER )
Current ( $149 PER ) 
Savings $199
36 inches wide x 18 inches tall x 18 inches long.
* All staves are sanded, and stained to perfection
*DIY kit available = $69
*Hardware + instructions included

Dreamy Planter 1/4 Cut
​List ($75.00)
Current ( $49.00 )
Savings $30.00
​24 inches wide on top.
9 inches tall.
22 inch base.
* Works great for planting. 
* Add a weather proof clear coat protective varnish for $12.
Dreamy Wine Barrel Stave Candle Holder
List ($69.00 PER )
Current ( $29.00 PER )
Savings $40.00
36 inches long x 4 inches wide x 4 inches tall.
All staves are sanded and stained dark walnut.
* Candles are an additional $10.00 
* Sanded & Dark Walnut stain additional $8.00
Upgrades available! Call for pricing
* Weatherproof stain, sanded barrel, add a bung plug to insert in the bung hole, screw in the bands so they don't fall, water tight, paint the metal rings black, add a 30 inch glass or wood pine top. Also in stock we have high end French Oak Rustic Barrels @199.00 per barrel. 

Call 1 408 505 4101 right now for fastest service or fill out form below... Enter your phone number so we can call you back...
Rental Rate = $40 PER ( 3 day rental )
Rent or buy everything you see below. Discounted items sale ends 4/30/21. We ship all over the U.S.A. daily. We also rent for weddings, personal  and corporate events!
  2020 Wine Barrel Tasting Tour ( South Bay Area ) 
Call for pricing!  
Tours are weekly, let's go!!!
-Lunch included.
-Pick up and drop off included.
-Winery stops include Byington, David Bruce, Mount Eden, Ridge, Testaross. New this season- Lexington Reservoir picnic stop & Santa Cruz Mountain Redwood Tree Tour.
-Safe, Fun, Relaxing! Allow Barrel Dreams to make your tasting great!
-Call for more details and options...
-Tours lead by CEO Brian Preetz & Cooper the Chocolate Lab.

Dreamy Adirondack Wine Chair 
List ($499.00 PER)
Current ($359 PER)
Savings ( $150 )
* Add Golden Oak stain/ protective coat for $70. 
* Built strong and durable for long lasting life.Supported base, wine glass holder, varnished and polished.
​* Check out our chair video on YouTube:
Dreamy Glass Top.
List ($200.00 PER)
Current ($189.00 PER) 
Savings $20.00
​*30 inches across with sanded edges tempered glass. Fits perfectly on top the barrel with rubber mounts so it doesn't slide!
* Add a barrel with your glass top for $120 more.
* Additional glass sizes include; 20 , 24, 36, 42, 48 inches.

Dreamy Jumbo Water Cooler 
List ($299.00 PER)
Current ($199.00 PER) 
Savings $100.00
​*36 inches across x 26 wide.*Custom French Oak made door on a hinge. 
Dreamy Crazy Step Up Planter 
List ($299.00 PER)
Current ($199.00 PER) 
Savings $100.00
Dreamy Long Cut 3/4 Planter
List ($220.00 PER)
Current ($120.00 PER) 
Savings $100.00
Dreamy Wall Barrel Heads
List $129.00
Current $79.00 PER.
Savings $30.00
22 inches wide x 22 inches long x 6 inches deep.
* Comes with wall mount and screw. 
* Want it hand sanded and Golden Oak / Dark Walnut varnished? Add $9.00 per top.

Dreamy Stave Bottle & Glass Holder 
List $100.00
Current $69.00
Savings $30.00
* 30 inches long x 2.5 wide , fits 4 glasses, 1 bottle.
* Add sanded finish and stain( $9.00 more. )

Dreamy Barrel Open Top
List $255.00
Current $125.00
Savings $100.00
* 36 inches tall x 26 wide x 26 long.
* Stained dark walnut & sanded add $50. 
​* Additional 6 inch rubber tub that sits inside add $10.00.
Rubber Bung Plug
List $19.00
Current $10.00
Savings $9.00
Dreamy Redwood Slab
Call for pricing...
*Redwood slabs cut and milled. Sanded and stained. Any size available, please call! Many of these slabs hold a live edge and carry a rustic, natural appeal that accents and adds warmth to any space.

Custom Bar / Table Top Planks 
* We can cut any size , length and width. Great for bar tops.
*Call for pricing.
* Rent these planks for the party @ $40 per.
Dreamy Stave Glass Mini Holder
* Holds two glasses nicely for date night! 
List $29.99
Current $19.99
Savings $ 10.00
* Add sanded finish and stain ($9.00 more. )
Dreamy Coat Rack 
List $79.00
Current $29.00
Savings $50
*Sanded, stained, and 5 hooks are provided.

Dreamy NO Ring Barrel Tops
List ( $79.00 )
Current  $22.00 PER
Savings  $57.00  
* 22 inches across 
* Add $5 per for winery stamps and or cooper branding.
* Want these sanded? $9 per Want them stain? $9
* Bulk order 13 tops for $270
* Bulk 250 tops for $2999
* Bulk 10 Older Style Reclaimed Tops = $199
Double Barrel 4 inch Rack
List ( $79 per )
Current ( $39 per )
Savings ( $40 )
* Rack is great for unique projects. Great base of a table idea etc. Used  / like new condition.
* Rack holds 2 wine barrels.
* We have over 600 available this season.
​* Want it painted a different color? Add $55.00
Dreamy Custom Art Barrel Head 
List $275
Current $199 
Savings $76
* We offer custom art painted or laser engraved on all barrel heads. Below is an example of two newlyweds who wanted their last name laser burnt on the barrel head.

Dreamy Double Long Cut on a Wine Rack
* Full Barrel we cut the long way. Then we set it on a wine barrel rack so the planters don't rock back and forth. Fill with soil and enjoy!
List $399
Current $349 for planters and rack.
Savings $50 
Dreamy Lovely Long Bench
List $699
Current $189 ( 4 left in stock!  )  
Savings $589
* Hand crafted from French Oak Barrels. 3.5 feet wide x 1.5 feet tall
Add sanded, stained, weather proof varnished wood $25 more.
Durable and strong made from real wine barrel french oak staves and pine wood.
*DIY kit available = $99
*Hardware + instructions included

Dreamy Bar Stool
List ($299 PER)
Current ($149 PER)
Savings $200
* Very durable and strong! All wood is sanded and stained with your choice of dark walnut, golden oak or clear spar varnish. All stains outdoor protected. 
*DIY kit available = $99
*Hardware + instructions included

Dreamy Beer Taps and Keg Insert.
* Full barrel sanded and stained.
* Dreamy beer tap kit installed. The keg/ Co2 go inside the barrel.
List = $1099
Current = $899.00
Savings = $200

Current ( $99 1 Hour Face Time / Video Call or in person meeting. ) 
CEO Brian Preetz Business Coaching and Motivational Presentations.
* We do a workshops on starting a business. Skype or in person.
* Learn what it takes! "Why and how to run your own business, how to sell, how to expand! "  Great for schools or corporate settings. Call for details.
* Our story is cool, I'd love to share my experiences and help build your brand! 
Dreamy CEO Business Coaching
Dreamy Corporate Team Building Grape Press Event! 
Current ( Call for pricing and event dates! )

*This distinctive grape stomping platform is great for corporate team building events or retreats, harvest festivals, family/class reunions, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just for good ol' squishy fun with friends!

Package Includes:
 3 Grape stomping platforms (6 barrels)
  2 Hosts/DJs (with sound system)
  2+ Event Staff
  Set-up & Clean-up**

Grape Stomping Event Includes 7 Teambuilding Activities:

  Scavenger Hunt
  Grape Stomping
  Grape Toss
  Obstacle Course
  Wine Pictionary
  Bottling & Racking
  Blind Waiter Game ( Coopers favorite) 

* We can come to you or we can meet up at the winery! Call for references, more photos and a detailed agenda of the event. 1 408 505 4101. 

Dreamy Barrel Stave Light 
* We make these from real wine barrel staves, sanded , varnished. Easy installation.
*The bulbs are NOT INCLUDED in this listing. You can purchase them from any hard ware store. Edison light bubs look the best. 
*35 inches wide x 35 long x Adjustable hanging up to 3 feet from the ceiling.
List $ 249
Current $219
Savings $90
Dreamy Wine & Cheese Platter 
List $99
Current $49
Savings $40
Wine Barrel Pole Lighting
List $399
Current $239 per barrel.
Savings $200
​*stained and varnished *10ft pole 
*extremely strong and stable 
* Add the lights ( Call for pricing based on length.) 
Reclaimed kitchen table with wine barrel base
Current = Call for pricing based on size...

Custom Wine Barrel Wine Rack 
List $499
Current $399
Savings $100
* Hold your wine bottles in style! Made from a barrel cut the long way with durable shelving made from barrel staves.
Custom Wine Barrel Wall 
List $499
Starting price $399. Call for estimate.
Savings $100
*We can attach barrel heads and staves into any wall. Enjoy! 

Dreamy Three Bulb Light
*36 long x 4 in wide
*The bulbs are NOT INCLUDED in this listing. You can purchase them from any hard ware store. Edison light bubs look the best. 
*35 inches wide x 35 long x Adjustable hanging up to 3 feet from the ceiling.
List = $200
Current = $179
Savings = $61

Great Wine Barrel Wall

*Call for current pricing based on size!
Custom Engraving Barrel Top
List $159
Current $99
Savings $60
* We take a wine barrel top clean sand and engrave whatever you want on it. Super clean font and cool!
Dreamy Garden Love Heart
List $49
Current $39
Savings $10
*Give the yard some love with a Garden Love Heart, made from a wine barrel hoop and heavy duty support base.
Dreamy Spinner Hearts
List $65
Current $39
Savings $24
* A windy day has never been more fun, hang these outside and just relax! 
Dreamy Barrel Ring Chandelier 
List $349
Current $299
Savings $100
* Hand made from rustic wine barrel hoops.
Dreamy Long Coffee Table
List ($399)
Current $299.00
Savings $100
* Strong, secure, sanded, varnished.

Dreamy Side Table 
List ($159)
Current ($119)
Savings $49
​*It's about 18 inches tall x 22 x 22x 
*Table is sanded flush
*DIY kit available = $69
*Hardware + instructions included
Dreamy Double Ring Side Table 
List $299
Current $199
Savings $100
*Table is sanded flush.
*It's about 18 inches tall x 23.5 x 23.5.
*Check out our YouTube video on our Double Ring Side Table:
*DIY kit available = $100 
*Hardware + instructions included
Wooden Top 
List  $120 
Current $99
Savings $21
30"in x 1"in 
Add Stain for $20
Add the barrel below it for $89

Dreamy Doggy Den 
List ($260)
Current ($160)
Savings ($100)
Optional sanded finish & stain $29 extra. 

Barrel Dreams Gift Card
* Call us to order your Holiday gift card or E Gift Card! Give the gift of wine barrels this holiday season. No expiration date.

Dreamy Bistro Barrel Top Table 
List ($299 PER)
Current ($249 PER)
Savings $80
*All Bistro tables are cleaned, sanded, weather sealed for outdoor or indoor use. 
"Full Size" Whiskey Barrel
List $299 PER
Current Starting @ $199 PER
Savings $100
35 inches tall x 25 inches wide. 80 lbs

*Rustic and Reclaimed/Imported from Kentucky 
Upgrades available! Call for pricing

Dreamy Peace Sign
List ($79 PER)
Current ($69 PER)
Savings $30
*Made From a real wine barrel
Dreamy Bar and Counter Stool
List $299.00
Current $189
Savings $100
*All stools are cleaned, sanded and weather sealed for outdoor or indoor use. They also have a beautiful and comfortable backrest. 

Hummingbird Hoop Feeder
List ( $200)
Current ($99)
Savings ($101)
* The feeder is made of high quality, thick, hand blown glass - One S hook included that can be secured with any plant hanger or wire/rope from a tree that will hold the hummingbird feeder in place through wind and storms!
Hummingbirds NOT INCLUDED

​Dreamy Wine Barrel Storage Cabinet
List ($400.00)
Current ($339.00)
Savings ($60.00)
*Each wine barrel cabinet is custom made with Double French Doors
*Sanded, stained, and sealed = add $49
*Check out our YouTube video on our Storage Cabinet:
Dreamy Rustic Coffee Table
Current ($429.00)
*Overall size: 37 " long X 30" Wide X 18" High
*Stained & sealed with a protective clear coat finish. 
*The solid cedar wood top is removable for storage inside. 

Dreamy Lovers Chair Bundle
List ($1200.00)
Current ($959.00)
*Built strong and durable for long lasting life. 
*Supported base, wine glass holder
*Includes 2 rocking chairs and a double ring side table. Add stain / polyurethane for $99
​Dreamy Bistro Set
List ($699.00)
Savings ($200.00)
*includes 1 bistro table and 2 stools
*everything is sanded and weather proof sealed
Custom Laser Engraved Stave
Current ($100.00)
Savings ($99.00)
*Each stave is lightly sanded to retain the character of the original barrel. We laser engrave the stave with any phrase, name, or slogan you would like.

Wine Barrel Stave Wall (Call for pricing)
* All staves are cleaned and sanded
*Any height and length available
* Home / Business installation available
Dreamy Adirondack Chair Kit 
List ($299 PER)
Current ($194 PER)
Savings ($120)

*This is the wood only UNBUILT. 
*You will need to pre drill the holes and screw in the 25 screws to assemble the chair. It's very easy with a power drill. 
*includes the wine barrel staves (wood) in it's natural color form. It does not come with screws, or pre drilled holes. We do however provide a video link with easy follow along instructions on how to build the chair that comes with the wood pieces.
Dreamy Rustic Coffee Table with Lifting Hinges
List ($699.00)
Current ($499.00)
Savings ($271.00)
*Overall size : 37" long X 30" wide X 18"High
*Stained & sealed with a protective clear coat finish
*The solid cedar wood top does come with hinges that attach the cedar wood top to the barrel. The max height when the hinge is elevated is 25 inches tall. 
Dreamy Dark Walnut Wine Barrel Redwood Bar
List $5000.00
Current $2799.00
Savings $3200.00
* 5.5 foot slab x about 24 inches wide
*Pine base 5.5 feet long x 33 inches wide.
*Metal bands painted dark walnut
*Shelf inside the barrel cuts.
*Middle shelf for storage between barrels.
Wine Corks
List $30.00
Current $20.00
Savings $ 17.01
*Used natural wine corks, many still have red and rose wine stains on them, which really adds to their character! Perfect for wine crafts, wine decorations, or wedding favors made from corks, lots of possibilities with them!

Wine Barrel Fire Pit
List: ($2000.00)
Current: ($999.00)
Savings: ($1000.00)
*Cleaned, sanded, weatherproof sealed
*Measures 30L x 30W x 28H
*Includes cover for burner area and fire glass included.
* Hand made to perfection with custom door and hinge at the base of the barrel. Email us for more detailed photos.
The Dreamy Fire Place And Chairs Collection
This includes (6) Adirondack Chairs and (1) Fire Pit
List: (3500.00)
Current: ($2900.00)
Savings ($600.00)
*Everything is cleaned, sanded, weather sealed for outdoor use.
*Fire Pit measures 30L x 30W x 28H
*Includes cover for burner area and fire glass included.